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Thanks for visiting our blog and for your interest in CCEC. Now, if you’ve noticed our tagline, you may be wondering, “What’s this talk about voices seeking the common good?”

While the “common good” is a nebulous term and subject to personal opinion, it is a concept that implies a healthy balance where the well being of the whole body (community) is valued over the special interests of any of the individual parts. We can find an example of its spirit in the pithy wisdom of Ben Franklin who as a member of the Continental Congress wrote just prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776:

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Such wisdom surpasses the context of the historic moment, to lay groundwork for healthy societies and communities anywhere and everywhere. Hanging together promotes health and life for the whole body, thus enabling the individual parts to exist and thrive. Placing the self interest of any of the parts above the well being of the whole body is calamitous both to the individual parts and the body as a whole.

What it is that constitutes a healthy balance which then promotes the common good for the Chatham community and beyond is the “stuff” of which this blog is made. The voices that speak behind these words and images echo a common theme of cooperatively protecting and preserving our precious and fragile natural resources along with the heritage and cultural diversity of our community, and doing so in faithful and creative ways that promote a sustainable, resilient and abundant ecological and economic future.

To the extent that the vision for such a future depends upon the decisions and actions of governing bodies and processes, CCEC seeks to engage, inform, educate and empower citizens to actively participate in their government for the sake of the common good.

Speaking to the future of our new government, new union and new democracy after signing the Peace Treaty ending the American Revolution, Ambassador Frankin wrote:

“Thus the great and hazardous enterprise we have been engaged in is, God be praised, happily completed. A few years of peace will improve, will restore and increase our strength; but our future will depend on our union and our virtue. Let us, therefore, beware of being lulled into a dangerous security; and of being both enervated and impoverished by luxury; of being weakened by internal contentions and divisions.”

Franklin was an uncommon statesman and human being with a common sense philosophy, and a seeker of the common good. The Voices of CCEC seek to emulate his wisdom and virtue in word and deed.

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